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our team

Our team are a group of hugely talented, passionate and dedicated individuals, some of whom have worked together for years, others who are more recent additions to the Squaricle Group family.

Some of our people work across the Group, others work specifically for one of our fantastic brands.

All of us work collaboratively, the embodiment of our One Team value, to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Ed Clark

Client & Learning Partner

Ed works for our ted Learning brand overseeing Product Development, Client Management, Learner Engagement & Business Development.  He is the first point of contact for many clients and his role is to identify their needs and offer them a solution.  He works closely with our Managing Director Justin and has been part of the ted Learning team for over 5 years before joining full time.

Ed is also one of our actors, so you will see him in quite a few of our videos!

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Louisa Castledine

Client & Learning Partner

Louisa is our Client & Learning Partner for ted Apprenticeships. She has worked in education since graduating from University, with a Degree in Theatre Arts she uses performance skills to keep learners engaged and entertained throughout the sessions! She doesn’t do the acting though, she has the ted professional actors for that!

Having worked in Apprenticeships for over 10 years, Louisa has held delivery, curriculum and quality roles. This provides a wealth of knowledge and experience when working with prestigious clients to upskill their workforce, and support individuals to achieve their goals.

Laurence Davies

Head of Creative

Laurence is our Head of Creative at Squaricle Group. He is responsible for ensuring each brand’s look and feel is delivered in all the materials we produce and supporting all parts of the business in ensuring the essence and language is on brand.

He is obsessed with food and loves to travel and taste different cuisines.

Michelle Boardman

Head of Online

Michelle is our Head of Online Learning at Squaricle Group.  She works internally with the team when designing classroom/virtual sessions on how we digitise the product.

She also works with our clients to translate their learning needs into digital wonderment!  Michelle is LEGO obsessed and any chance to get some, takes it!

Darren Wingham

Head of Production

Darren is on our Head of Production for Squaricle Group and works on the creative side across all of our business. He manages the production of our digital content, plus our website, promo & marketing videos and keeps us all topped up with his infectious energy.

Darren is also the voice you will often hear on our videos given his history working in radio across the UK!

Ben Sammon

Multimedia Producer

Ben is the Multimedia Producer at Squaricle Group with his focus being on creating fun, engaging and interactive online content that reflects the nature of our brands.

He has the responsibility of turning our scripts into something that looks fantastic on various media platforms and specialises in creating animated content.

Ben is also in his own band and loves making super creative objects!

Jane Taylor

Group Planning Manager

Jane is our People Planning Manager and an integral part of the team. She supports with the booking of the trainers and actors for all our workshops across all brands within Squaricle Group. She makes sure that all of our clients are looked after by providing feedback summaries after all of our workshops.

Jane is also the first point of contact for all of our trainers, actors, learners and clients dealing with the many enquiries they may have.

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