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our values

Squaricle Group engaging learning driven by digital transformation

our values

Squaricle Group has a clear set of values that are embedded into everything we do.

Alongside our mission statement, we ensure that everyone who works for Squaricle Group Limited lives and breathes these values. This ensures we have an organisation that is also internally focused on the same elements we spend our time training our clients and learners on.

one team


We will always work collaboratively with our clients to create an inclusive environment so that they feel we are working as one team.

Everyone at Squaricle Group is part of One Team, regardless of which brand they work for.

We will always work proactively to build positive, effective relationships based on trust and mutual respect whilst appreciating individual preferences, strengths and areas for development. We will always work hard to overcome the geographical barriers presented by being part of a remote team and delivering to clients all over the UK. We are open to giving and receiving supportive, constructive feedback that both celebrates success and aids ongoing development

Squaricle Group engaging learning driven by digital transformation


We will always deliver great value for money, demonstrable return on investment and ensure both businesses are commercially successful.

We will ensure we always deliver value for money for our clients & learners. We will ensure we operate a commercially successful business for the benefit of our clients, learners, employees and stakeholders. We will always concentrate on expansion of our product range to constantly meet our client & learner’s changing needs. We will focus on the diversification of the types of training & how we deliver this to enable growth.

Squaricle Group engaging learning driven by digital transformation


We will always do things differently by being innovative, creative and through our shared wisdom.

We will always challenge the way we work and seek to be more innovative than our competitors in what & how we deliver our products.

We are comfortable collaborating with our clients and a broad range of our team to seek new ideas; fostering a culture of creativity & continuous improvement. We take feedback on board and use it to innovate and grow. We are prepared to take considered risks to enhance the learning experience whilst being mindful to deliver on the agreed outcomes

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